Little Rock-Fox Installs GearGrid

During the maintenance night on May 24th, Station One members installed the new gear racks. Concerns have been raised regarding the safety of members when apparatus was either backing in or pulling out of the station. Research was conducted and new racks were purchased from GearGrid. The new racks address a number of safety issues by placing all members gear up off the floor and moving personnel a safe distance from the apparatus when responding or returning from a call. The members would like to thank the Trustees and the taxpaying residents for the much-needed safety improvement.

Since 1921, GearGrid Corporation has designed and manufactured durable steel tubing and wire products for a variety of applications. Building on this experience, the GearGrid division was formed to meet the custom storage demands of rescue personnel everywhere. Developed by a fire fighter and enhanced through years of feedback from satisfied fire departments nationwide, every GearGrid system is engineered to stand up to the toughest daily demands.

3 Responses to “Little Rock-Fox Installs GearGrid”

  1. Gregory Witek:

    Some of the purchases made by a fire district are more difficult to justify because of the frequency of their use – they are highly specialized and used infrequently. Not these gear racks. They will used daily and provide a significant improvement to the safety of our members. We are all grateful for the purchase.

  2. Josh Schimandle Probationary FIrefighter:

    The new lockers are great!!! Big Thanks to the trustees and taxpayers!!!

  3. Jonathan Stone:

    I would like to take a moment to thank the board of trustees for the purchase of the gear racks. I have been a member for almost ten years and it is an item that was needed a long time ago. Thanks……..

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