Commercial Building Inspection

The Little Rock-Fox Fire Protection District is required by the Illinois Office of the State Fire Marshal under the Fire Investigation Act 425 ILCS 25/9 to conduct yearly inspections of all buildings and structures which are occupied, other than single family homes.

In complying with this law the District has adopted the 2006 International Fire Code., and the 2006 Life Safety Code. Which these are an accepted equivalent to the state fire code, that being the 2000 Life Safety Code.

Inspections of all buildings will be conducted yearly. Some buildings that contain within hazards or processes that are defined as high hazard, shall be inspected twice a year.

Buildings will be inspected to ensure that all life safety components are functioning, with those being.

· Means of egress paths are unobstructed

· Exit signs are worked

· Emergency Light is working

· Fire Doors are working

· Fire Protection Systems are up to date and working

· Other areas that pertain to occupancy types