Fire Prevention & Safety Inspections

Regularly scheduled fire inspections are done to assess the fire safety of occupancies within the Fire District. These inspections are done to review the maintenance and operations of buildings and businesses to make sure that all the necessary steps and safeguards are in place to protect the occupants and to ensure the continued operation of that business by preventing and /or limiting the impact fires.

The frequency of the inspections is based on the risk level associated with the use of the building. Occupancies are inspected at least once a year. Some buildings, such as multi-family occupancies, places of assembly, and other occupancies with operations or storage associated with a higher level of risk may be inspected more often.

During these inspections many items are checked to see if there has been an increase in risk or a decrease in the level of protection engineered and installed at the time the building was completed. Some of the items checked are:

Exits: Are they clear of obstructions and functional? Are the exit lights and emergency lights working?

Electrical: Are there any improper extension cords, exposed wires, and are all of the electrical box covers in place?

Fire Doors: Are they operational and has all appropriate testing been done?

Fire Extinguishers: Are they in place, properly tested and charged?

Fire Alarm Systems: Are they operational and has the appropriate annual testing been completed?

Fire Suppression Systems: Are they operational and has the appropriate annual testing been completed?

General Items: Has there been a change in hazards, is the storage of flammable liquids proper, and are the walls and ceilings intact?

Additional Inspections

In addition to scheduled inspections the Fire District inspects commercial buildings that are under construction, or renovation. They are inspected to insure that the appropriate engineered safe guards required by the building codes to contain, extinguish and limit the impact of a fire on a building and its occupants are properly installed and functional. Inspections and investigation of hazards are also done when a complaint is received.

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