Call JULIE before you dig! Dial 8-1-1.

During National Safe Digging Month in April, JULIE is working with damage prevention and safety partners to launch a statewide public safety and education campaign to increase awareness about the importance of contacting JULIE, Inc. before any outdoor projects this spring. The goal of this “Call 8-1-1” initiative is to reduce the risk of striking underground utility lines and potentially causing environmental or property damage, costly delays or personal injury. This is a free call and service.

Did you know that once per minute, underground line are unintentionally damaged? Homeowners and professional excavators who fail to notify a state one-call center, such as JULIE, before digging cause appbefore digging cause approximately 40 percent of all damages, making it the top reason for these dangerous and costly incidents. This statistic jumps to 60 percent for landscaping and fence building projects. Based in Joliet, JULIE is a not-for-profit organization committed to promoting the importance of notifying the one-call center and safe-digging practices across Illinois.

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