Two Fire Fighters Promoted to Lieutenant

Congratulations go out to two LRF fire fighters that were recently promoted to Lieutenant.

December 14th, 2010 fire fighter Hamman and fire fighter Gallup were promoted to Lieutenant at our annual Steak Fry dinner at Station 3. For the past few months both members have gone through the department’s rigorous written and practical testing.

At LRF there are 5 levels of promotion. All members start as probationary fire fighters, and become eligible for fire fighter after 1 year.  Fire fighters that wish to take their education and participation in the district to the next level are able to apply for the 1st officer position of Lieutenant when the position is available. From Lieutenant there are 3 more positions of promotion; Captain, Assistant Chief, and Chief.

The two new Lieutenants will be responsible for the inner workings at Station 3.  LRF is grateful for their dedication through out the years and hopes for many more in the future.


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